10/27/2015 11:00 AM

Have a Claim-Free Halloween!

I absolutely love Halloween.  My love of fun costumes when I was young has spilled over into dressing my dog up for Halloween.    

When I was younger and living in an apartment, I always drove back to my parents for Halloween night trick-or-treating – just to enjoy answering their door. When I finally bought a home a couple years ago, I was so excited to buy candy for the few trick-or-treaters in my small neighborhood.  

Happy Halloween!When you’re a kid people tend to warn you about being careful on Halloween night.  Fear the dark, bad weather, tainted candy, etc. But as an adult, even as an insurance agent, it never crossed my mind to be concerned.

While it may feel much safer to stay at home and just hand out candy, or even just putting candy on your porch, you open your personal world to risk when you participate in Halloween.

I’m not suggesting you don’t do it, because trust me I wouldn’t give it up.  Whether you stay in or go out, do what you can to reduce your risk exposure and have a fun, safe Halloween.  

Safety for your Home

  • Reduce the chance of injury by keeping entryway to your home in good condition. Keep the walk-way clear of debris or small objects. Remove any obstacles, such as lawn furniture or decorations.
  • Keep outdoor lights on for safety of trick-or-treaters and to deter vandals.  •    Prevent fires by using battery operated lights or making sure any real candles are far from where a costume could catch on fire.  Extinguish all candles before going to bed.
  • Keep pets inside, and if excitable, away from the front door.
  • Make sure you have insurance. At the minimum, carry homeowners (or tenant/renters) insurance to have protection in case someone slips and falls, catches fire from a pumpkin light, claims candy was tainted, or any number of bad situations.  To be better protected, purchase an umbrella insurance policy.  This increases your protection in case someone sues you.

Safety out Trick-or-treating

  • Be smart with costumes. Use flame-resistant material.  Don’t wear anything too long that will cause tripping, or that has sharp accessories. 
  • Warn children to stay clear of pets when visiting door-to-door, as Halloween can be too exciting and stressful for even the best behaved pet.
  • Be visible and be able to see.  Wear light-reflecting material on your costume, carry a flashlight, and don’t wear a mask that obscures vision.
  • Make sure you can hear at all times.  Don’t wear a costume that obscures your hearing, and don’t wear earbuds.
  • Walk around in a group and stay on well-lit streets.
  • When driving, drive slow and be mindful of children in dark costumes or running suddenly into the road.
  • Inspect candy.  Never eat unwrapped items and collect candy from only people you trust. Throw away suspicious candy.
  • Do not go anywhere you don’t feel safe.

From everyone here at Killingbeck Insurance, enjoy your Halloween celebrations!  I know I’ll enjoy my evening of costumes, candy and Casper.


Photo: My own photo!

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