2/9/2016 11:30 AM

Why You Need Medical Coverage for your Auto Insurance

Imagine a regular commute you take – to work, church, or even the grocery store. At high speeds you approach a merging lane, or an intersection, and the vehicles in front of you are stopped.  You slam on your breaks and stop just in time, but the vehicles behind you were not so lucky.  They didn’t see the brake lights in time, and still at a high speed, slam into the rear of your vehicle.  The shock throws you forward, and then back, causing your neck to whiplash.  Or your head hits the steering wheel, causing a cut.

AmbulanceThere are many, many scenarios that lead to injury from an auto accident.  It may be you, the driver, a passenger, a family member, friend, child – anyone in your vehicle has the potential to be injured in an unexpected accident.  It may not even be your fault, but the injury still happens.

This is what medical coverage on your auto insurance is for, to cover the injuries of those in your vehicle.  

High deductible medical insurance

Some family medical insurance policies come with very high deductibles – imagine a two person family paying out $4,000 deductible before receiving any coverage.  Auto Insurance medical coverage would kick in and pay, up to the limits you carry, regardless of fault.

Immediate coverage

This coverage provides peace of mind that you can seek much needed medical attention after an accident without fear of how to pay the bills (up to the limit of your policy).

Coverage regardless of medical insurance


Medical coverage on your auto insurance will provide payment up to the limits, regardless of whether or not you have medical insurance.  

Coverage for anyone in your vehicle


They don’t have to be relatives, and they don’t have to be on your medical insurance, to have coverage under your policy.

Coverage in case an ambulance comes out to the scene


After the car accident I was in many years ago, I was in shock.  I was covered with glass from the window that was shattered next to my seat.  The police officer that came to the scene insisted that an ambulance come check me out.  At the time I knew nothing about automobile insurance, and was horrified at the idea that I would receive a bill from that ambulance. This is because at the time, I didn't even know medical coverage existed.

Payouts before settling with at fault company


Sometimes an at fault driver’s company won’t pay out until you sign a form finalizing payment and closing the claim.  This could leave you paying out of pocket for all medical expenses, waiting until you’re better and close the claim. This is when your company kicks in.  Because your auto insurance will pay regardless of fault, you can have your medical bills paid through your own auto insurance company.  Your company will later subrogate to get the money back from the at fault company.

Make sure when you go to the emergency room or doctor’s office to let them know you are being seen because of an auto accident.

When shopping for insurance, don’t ignore the importance of medical coverage on your auto insurance.  It provides peace of mind for you and everyone who rides in your car.  Having good health insurance yourself is not a good enough reason to not carry medical coverage on your auto insurance.



Photo: “Ambulance 48” by Arvell Dorsey Jr. Flikr. Unmodified. CC BY 2.0. 

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