6/14/2016 11:00 AM

What to Do After a Home Claim Part 2

Part 2: Remediation and Insurance

In case you missed it, here is what happened to cause the water damage in my home that initiated this whole claim process.  The claim happened on Saturday, and I took the necessary steps as soon as Monday began.

Day 3:  10/26

On Monday morning I reported the claim to my home insurance company as soon as I arrived here at Killingbeck Insurance.  My adjuster called me that afternoon to discuss what to expect.  He scheduled to come see the damage at my home on Thursday.  The remediation service drying out the house came to move fans around to dry out the areas that were still wet and sprayed anti-microbial stuff to keep mold from happening.

So now I had a loud and smelly house.

Day 4:   10/27

I was excited for the fans to leave today, but alas, they did not! The upstairs of my home was sufficiently dried, but the downstairs just won’t let the water go!  So the fans were now super focused on one specific area.  At least now I could hide upstairs from the sound.

Day 5:  10/28

The downstairs wall was still not dry, so the fans stayed another day. Words couldn’t describe the frustrating disappointment of knowing I had to spend another evening with those in my house.  I detest hiding in my own home from such monstrously loud beasts!

Day 6:  10/29

The adjuster came out to my house today.  He took pictures of every affected area, and a picture of the outside of my home as well.  He asked questions about what happened and what the emergency dry-out crew had done. He had also never seen a monstrous machine as what they put in my front room, and wanted to discuss the 

reasoning behind it with the remediation company.  I gave him the company’s contact information, and when they came out later that night, I gave the adjuster’s card to them.

The adjuster helped explain how the home claim process would go from here.  So at this point, I was waiting for the adjuster’s estimate.  I was also contacting companies to get estimates for carpet stretching, cleaning, and drywall patching and painting.

My adjuster and I also discussed who I pay my homeowner’s insurance deductible to.  Claims are individual experiences, so always discuss this situation with your adjuster.
The remediation crew came to take the fans out near the end of the day, but one section of wall still would not dry (due to many studs being together in one area).  They had to cut a large hole in the wall and put another fan on it, so I had one more day with a fan.  I never expected a 3 day dry out process to take a week. 

Now I get to play the waiting game.

Day 7:  10/30

The final fan finally left my house.  We put out a few calls to contractors to try to get estimates.

Day 8: 10/31

We finally fixed the drain hose situation and got it so it can’t come out again.  I was able to do laundry with no events happening.

Day 11:  11/3

Today I received the invoice from the drying out company.  It was HIGHER than quoted originally because they used machinery that took longer to dry.  They say this saves us in restoration costs, but I doubt this greatly.  (To put it simply, THEY LIED. Many tiny holes in the ceiling took just as much to fix as a hole in the ceiling would have, which would have saved us greatly in drying costs).

Day 12:  11/4

I really hate how working with a claim is like playing the never ending waiting game.  I heard from my home insurance adjuster that he is working on his estimate and will get back with us soon.  We are still trying to get contractors out to estimate fixing the damage.  This proves harder than expected, as no one will call us back.  I emailed my adjuster for suggestions of different contractors to call.  If you are ever stuck in a claim, feel free to ask your adjuster’s advice.  They deal with claims more frequently and are good sources of help.

The next step of my claim is my second remediation.


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