6/28/2016 11:20 AM

What to Do After a Home Claim Part 3

Part 3 - Second Remediation / Fixing My Home

We all hope a claim will never happen to us, and when it does, it is no fun at all.  Claims are some of my least favorite experiences.  Here is how my nightmare continued.  In case you missed it, here’s the initial event and the first remediation/ homeowners insurance contacts.

Day 14: 11/6

Today I had 2 contractors come out to estimate fixing the situation. Both measured the dryness of the floor beneath the washer and dryer and found it was still damp and said the floor would have to be removed. Both were shocked to see the way water remediation had been done, and that the washer and dryer were not moved immediately and the floor torn out.  This was the beginning of hearing from contractors how incorrectly my water restoration was done.

Both contractors appeared shocked at the many tiny holes in my ceiling and wall, telling me that the monstrous dryer was intended to be used for wood floors.  The correct way to fix the situation would have been to cut a hole in the ceiling and wall and put a fan on it in the first place. The company not only cost us more in repairs (we still had to open the ceiling to make sure it was dry) but dangerously increased the drying time, putting us at a higher risk of developing mold.

As soon as the second contractor left, I had a good feeling who I wanted to hire.  Namely, the first contractor explained how if there wasn’t enough profit he wouldn’t do the job.  He also didn’t do any measurement and just added items to the adjuster’s estimate.  The second contractor measured and developed his own estimate, saying he wanted to make sure everything was done right.  He’s the one we hired.

I called to discuss the situation with my adjuster.  Since dampness was a factor, I took care of this immediately, getting his approval to get a contractor out to dry it out right away. He agreed we shouldn’t have the first company come back out (since they had done so poorly before) and should have whomever I wanted to hire come out.
I called the company, and around 5 pm workers came out to tear out the floor and put fans down again for the weekend.  More fans.  Needless to say, I left and stayed somewhere else for the weekend.  I literally couldn’t stand listening to another fan.  

And my washer and dryer are now sitting in my upstairs landing and no longer functional.  I really don’t want to turn them on over subfloor.

Day 17: 11/9

Workers came to remove the fan.  We are finally truly free of obnoxious noisy fans.  I don’t know if I could even stand to hear a normal desk fan after putting up with all this noise. (Note from the future – still can’t stand the sound of fans).

Day 18: 11/10 

The contractor finished his estimate for repairs.  Currently they can’t get to our house (apparently there is emergency remediation being done at a hospital and school).  He said they will get someone to us as soon as possible.  In the meantime, he is going to have the floor person contact me. 

Day 24: 11/16

I still have not heard from a flooring company, so I called the contractor and let him know.  Later that day I finally received a call to schedule someone to come out and estimate fixing the floor.

I also received an email from the contractor later that day saying they had an opening Thursday to get someone out to fix the drywall.

Day 26: 11/18

I had quite a shock this morning when the drywall guy showed up (I had been told he was coming tomorrow)!  At least I was already home and able to let him in.  I had hoped to not be home, because the drywall work STUNK!  He sealed off the area he was working with plastic painters covering, but it still made everything smell like sitting in someone’s mouth while it’s being drilled and filled for a cavity at the dentist office.  He scraped the ceiling and patched all the tiny holes in the wall and ceiling, as well as putting the wall back in an area that had been taken out.  

He didn’t seem to know we wanted the entire ceiling re-textured (which was in our original home insurance estimate). He contacted our contractor, and we are now on hold until the contractor contacts our adjuster to get it approved (which it already was).  I hate being in the middle of all this communication, and I wish the workers would know what they are doing BEFORE they arrive instead of asking me a bunch of questions.

While the drywall guy was working, the floor person showed up. He was not the most talkative person.  He measured the area, and had me look through 2 catalogs of possible floors.  After much deliberation, my husband and I picked one.  The floor guy called to confirm it was available, and said he’d been in touch to schedule install.  We told him we’d be available as soon as possible, and reinforced that we would like to have the floor in before Thanksgiving.

Day 32: 11/24

Today the floor was replaced in the laundry room. It looked really good, and I was so happy to get it finished!  All the carpets were also stretched.  The workers installed the washer and dryer back in position.  I now can finally clean clothes again.  However, I still can’t put any furniture back in the rooms because the carpets still need to be cleaned (that will be the last step done). 

They also put back all the trim, but did a poor job.  We can stick our hands underneath it, and not all the nails are even hit in.  This claim seems to be one headache after another.  I guess we have to call the floor guy again….

Day 35: 11/27

The contractor was able to fit us in to have the ceiling re-textured the day after Thanksgiving (I am guessing a lot of people are gone, but luckily we aren’t!).   A group of guys came, covered the floor, walls, and two large pieces of furniture we couldn’t remove. They also sealed the room from the rest of the house.  Unfortunately, this does not seal in smell.  Again we have to hide upstairs from the work, sounds, and smell.  

Once they finished the room was clean, but smelled HORRIBLE.  My husband had to tape plastic up to seal the room off from the rest of the house.  We opened windows to air out the room, but nothing seemed to help.  At least once it was sealed off we could still be downstairs.  It stayed this way all weekend, because the smells would not go away.

Day 37: 11/29

The contractor emailed me saying the painting crew will be coming tomorrow!  Thank goodness!  I emailed him the exact name (color and type) of paint we used in the room so he can make sure it is purchased.  We repainted our entire home using no VOC paints from Porter Paints, and did not want any lesser quality used.

Day 38: 11/30 

The painting crew showed up at 8 am to do the ceiling and two affected walls.  They put one heavy coat of paint on the ceiling and two coats on the walls.  Luckily, the paint seems to have sealed in the bad smell from the ceiling being redone.  The room looks so beautiful again!  You can’t even tell anything happened in here, which is WONDERFUL!

The floor person came to fix trim. He brought a crowbar and a hammer, but he reinstalled everything correctly.  He seemed to realize that his crew did not know how to install trim over carpet correctly.  He also reinstalled the doors on laundry closet.

Day 42: 12/4 

After a bit of negotiating on time (they wanted to come a week later than we wanted them to come), we were able to get the floor cleaners out to clean the floors.  Every floor affected (this includes walkways where workers went upstairs) was cleaned.  We were told to wait until the next day to put any furniture back.

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