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Are Your Loved Ones at Risk?

 A special letter from Amy Bangs:


As insurance agents we spend a lot of time thinking about how to protect the things that matter to you, because it’s easy to think about, things can be replaced.  However, what about protecting the things that can’t be replaced?  What would happen to your family and the people who depend on you financially, if you died tomorrow?  Over 

Amy's Family

the past few months I’ve started asking people if they need life insurance and the most common response is that I have it through work.  It’s wonderful that you have protection 

through your work, but what happens if you get ill and can’t work, do you get to keep those benefits?  If you leave your job, can you take your coverage with you?  What happens when you retire?  


This is why I carry my own insurance.  I have some through work as well, but I carry over a million dollars of life insurance on myself.  I carry that much, not because I like getting bills every month or because I’ve seen the way people in Kokomo drive.  I carry that much because it’s important to me to know that if tragedy happens, my kids will be able to go to college, my husband will be able to pay off our house, and my family won’t have to worry about how they are going to pay the bills.  My husband would have enough on his plate trying to raise our 3 kids alone, let alone trying to juggle work and childcare and just trying to survive.  The bottom line is I got it because I think it’s important.  I got it because I love them!  I got it because I am healthy today and it’s cheap when you are young and healthy.  We get a lot of calls from people who have had health setbacks and unfortunately, at that point things can get a little expensive.  So don’t put it off, you just don’t know what will happen tomorrow.  

We would love to sit down and talk to you about your insurance needs.  We can review your current coverage.  It’s more affordable than you might think!  Here are some examples:


20 year Term, monthly pay plan 20 year Term, monthly pay plan
 Male Non-Smoker Smoker Female Non-Smoker Smoker
 25 $21 $36 25 $17 $24
 $25  $32  30  $21  $35
 35  $34  $62  35  $28  $49
 40  $50  $93  40  $41  $77
 45  $76  $143  45  $64  $120
 50  $118  $215  50  $92  $174
 *Prices guaranteed not to change for 20 years, no medical exam required



$10,000 Whole Life
 $10,000 Whole Life
 Male Non-Smoker Smoker Female Non-Smoker Smoker
 $41  55  $35  $41
 60  $38  $51  60  $32  $42
 65  $47  $63  65  $39  $50
 70  $60  $80  70  $49  $60
 *Price never goes up, coverage always available, no medical exam required

How much life insurance do you need? Try Pekin’s life insurance calculator now! 

There is no greater feeling than knowing that your family will have sufficient income if something were to happen to you. Make sure that your family is taken care of, and get a free insurance quote today. Give us a call or stop by.  Don’t let another day go by without protecting the people you love.  It’s inexpensive and could mean the world to them .

“ You don’t buy life insurance
because you are going to die,
but because those
you love are going to live.”
Unknown Author


Amy Bangs

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