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Are Your Loved Ones Protected?

One morning when I was in fifth grade, I walked into my parent’s room to find and why they hadn’t made breakfast, and was confronted with terrible news.  My dad assumed I would have seen it coming, since they told me recently my uncle had gone home from the hospital.  But young kids never see it coming.

I found out my uncle had passed away.  My dad’s younger brother.  At the time I was shocked, horrified, and devastated.  Even today, it still hurts to think about that moment.

It was a terrible tragedy, and so unfair.  He left behind his wife and my three cousins, who were rather close in age to me at the time.  

FamilyAt the time all I could think about is how horrible it would be to lose my dad.  But beyond my personal feelings, I could not imagine the burden of raising three young children without a spouse to support you.

This is why September is life insurance awareness month, to make sure more people realize how important life insurance is for their loved ones.  

Life insurance can help ease the burden, so whoever is left behind can still go about life without struggling to make financial ends meet.

The money from life insurance can help buy loved ones time off work to grieve.  It can pay off debts or loans, reliving family members and giving them an opportunity to purchase necessary items, keep good credit, or take out a line of credit if needed.  It can help keep a family in their home, or send a child to college.  

Life insurance can provide the income needed to keep the family living together, and make sure a parent with young children is there to care for them when needed.

The best way to financially protect your loved ones is to make sure you own life insurance and you have enough protection.

How do you determine how much protection you need?  Try a life insurance calculator to get a general idea, or discuss with your life insurance agent.  

Life Happens Life Insurance Calculator

Pekin Life Insurance Calculator

Don’t wait to buy life insurance, as it is cheaper when you’re younger and healthy.  The rates are locked in, so buying young can save you large amounts of money over time as opposed to waiting.  

Life insurance is necessary for people of all ages, and different plans are available ranging from term (a certain amount of years or until age 65) to full life.  Don’t let the medical testing scare you, as it is not necessary for all policies.

Life is unpredictable.  Financially protect your loved ones from possible disaster.  It will give you and your loved ones piece of mind.  I greatly hope it never needs to be used.

If you have more questions about life insurance, call and talk to one of our life insurance agents to discuss your needs.




Photo: “Family” by Erik Soderstrom. Unmodified. Flikr. CC BY 2.0.


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