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Boat Insurance Discounts That Save You Money

  • Over 15 Discounts Make for Lower Boat Rates (see details below)
  • We Compare Rates with Many Companies
  • Wide Choice of Payment Plans.

Boat Insurance Options to Protect You Better

  • The New Total Replacement Boat Insurance Policy (see details below)
  • Disappearing Deductibles & Roadside Service
  • Agreed Value Boat Policies (see details below)

Let Us Show You the Difference in Boat Insurance in the Kokomo Indiana Area

  1. We Get You the Lowest Boat Rates with Over 15 Discounts: Boat experience, loss free, length of ownership, prior insurance, home ownership, multi-policy, ticket free, good insurance score, multi-unit, mature driver, EFT discount, electronic policy delivery, length of residence, type of boat, maximum speed, etc.
  2. We Work With Many Companies for Lower Rates: Foremost, American Modern, Progressive, Pekin, Indiana Farmers, and Standard Mutual.
  3. We Offer a Wide Range of Payment Plants to Fit Your Needs. Monthly, quarterly, annual, EFT, Credit or Debit Card.
  4. We Offer the New Total Replacement Boat Policies for Newer Boats. This protection helps you avoid the big drop in value boats have in the early years after purchase of a new boat. This policy will replace your boat after a total loss with a similar new boat even though your boat has taken a big drop in value!
  5. Disappearing Deductibles & Roadside Service are great extras to save you money when disaster strikes. With disappearing deductibles your deductible drops 25% each at the renewal of your claim free policy. After 4 claim free years you have no deductible when you have your first loss. Roadside service pays the high costs of towing and road service when your vehicle is disabled.
  6. Agreed Value Policies are Available on All Boats and pays the agreed value on total losses regardless of the actual cash value of the boat. Great way to prevent possible disagreements on value and get you the money you need to replace your boat.

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