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Wrong Condo Insurance (condominium) Leads to Disaster:

Only $7000 of $20,000 Fire Damage claim Paid!
Condominium insurance let me down big time!

It happens so quicky. A pan on the stove leads to a flash kitchen fire and before you know it, you have $20,000 in damaged cabinets, walls and flooring to your Kokomo Indiana home.  And you thought you had good condominium insurance!

To top it off, the insurance company only pays you $7000 of the $20,000 saying you had the wrong condo insurance!

Why only $7000? How Could This Be?  
Isn't all condominium insurance the same?

The cause of this disaster is that the condo insurance did not match the masterpolicy that the condo association carried on the rest of the building. Only $7000 was paid as neither policy covered the cabinets, the floor or the wall finishes! Disaster!

You see condo insurance although similar to home insurance, is significantly different. You have to watch carefully you get the right insurance for your condo.

Let the Killingbeck Family Help You Get the Right Condo Protection.

At Killingbeck Insurance in Kokomo Indiana we help you prevent disaster by helping you get the right condo insurance while saving you money too!

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