Who Needs Flood Insurance in Kokomo Indiana?

  • Did you know that 40% of homes that are flooded are in areas outside normal flood insurance areas?
  • Did you know all it may take to flood your home is a heavy rain and one of your local drains getting plugged up? (Even when you are far from one of Kokomo area creeks.)
  • Did you know that in one flood the Kokomo creeks swelled to over a mile wide causing widespread disaster?  You may need flood insurance and not have known it!  

Flood Damage Very Expensive to Repair

  • Did you know that more homes are damaged by flood than by fire and that more of those homes are destroyed by flood than by fire?

Flood damage and the resulting mold damage can be very expensive to repair.  Dirty water getting into flooring, drywall, and electrical can cause extensive damage including expensive mold removal costs

Several Ways to Protect Yourself with Flood Insurance

The Killingbeck Family provides you with several options on flood insurance to protect yourself.

Basic protection policies start as low as $175 while replacement flood insurance policies provide much broader protection. Or you can select a policy in between the basic and broad protection options. It's all up to you and what best fits your needs and budget.

So call the Killingbeck Family today at 765-452-8000 or complete the free quote request at the top of this page. You'll be glad you did.