Killingbeck: Home Insurance Experts in Kokomo Indiana

What Home Insurance Protection Do You Want?

Home insurance differs widely. Before you get a homeowners insurance quote let us help you consider what protection you want to protect your property, assets, and income.

Step 1: Select What You Are Protected For

Here are just a few examples of some 35 options available on homeowners insurance that we can advise you on:

  • Do you want protection for tornado, theft, hail, wind...?
  • How about protection if you have $2000 in bills from trees blown down?
  • What about protection from a $3500 furnace breakdown?
  • Or if you have $9000 in charges to restore your stolen identity?

Having the right homeowners insurance protection when disaster strikes makes a world of difference!

Step 2: Choose the Discounts You Qualify For

Let us help you lower your home insurance costs with some 12 home discounts. We compare several top home insurance companies to get you good rates and good homeowners insurance protection right here in Kokomo Indiana.

Step 3: Choose How You'd Like Your Claims Paid

Do you want your home insurance claims paid on an actual value basis (large reductions for depreciation), repair cost basis, or replacement basis?

Most people prefer the replacement basis as replacement homeowners insurance policies often come with the biggest discounts. Yet there are situations to keep costs down to use actual value and repair cost basis that we can advise you on.

Step 4: Select How Much Protection You Need

Based on step 3, we help you decide how much homeowners insurance protection you need for your home, your separate structures, and your personal belongings.

Step 5: Choose Protection for Your Assets & Income

In the final step we help guide you in selecting homeowners insurance protection in case you are sued in an expensive lawsuit for accidentally injuring someone or damaging their property. Generally we recommend $500,000 liability as the extra costs are low for considerably more protection.

Let the Killingbeck Family in Kokomo, Indiana Help You Select the Right Homeowners Insurance Protection So You Are Prepared When Disaster Strikes.

Call the Killingbeck Family in Kokomo, Indiana at 765-452-8000 today or complete the free homeowners insurance quote request at the top of this page. You'll be glad you did.