Manufactured Home Insurance From Kokomo's Insurance Experts

Imagine paying to replace your mobile home and all your belongings out of pocket the day after a tornado. Many residents of Kokomo, Indiana were hit by the November 2013 Tornado, losing their homes and mobile homes, and some had not protected themselves with Mobile Home Insurance. Don't be one of the unfortunate with no coverage - fill out the form today for a free quote.

What Can Be Covered?

Your Mobile Home, Detached Structures (fences, sheds, etc...), Your Personal Belongings, Loss of Use expenses (in the case of a claim), Personal liability (protection against large lawsuits), and even Medical Expenses in the event that someone is injured in or around your Mobile Home.

Creating The Right Manufactured Home Insurance Protection

It's important to know before a disaster that you're covered. When creating your policy, or checking your current one, look to see if you're covered from the following:

  • Fire
  • Wind
  • Hail
  • Theft
  • Water damage from sewers or drains
  • Lightning
  • Tornadoes
  • Loss of Use
  • Personal Injury

Typically, a standard policy will not provide Flood Insurance or Earthquake Insurance, so it is recommended to talk with an insurance professional to see if these are good coverage options for you.

Decide How You Want Claims Paid

Two types of Mobile Home Insurance exist for your home and belongings: Actual Cash Value and Replacement Cost Coverage. The coverage you choose changes how a claim will be paid.

  • With Actual Cash Value, if your mobile home is a total loss, insurance would pay for the current cost minus depreciation. All belongings would also be depreciated by age.
  • With Replacement Cost, your mobile home would be rebuild/repurchased to another mobile home of like quality in the case of a total loss. Replacement cost on your belongings means that your lost item would be replaced with another like item.

Most people prefer replacement cost, but there can be situations when actual cash value makes sense. We can help answer your questions in choosing the right coverage.

Let Killingbeck Insurance & Tax Preparation in Kokomo, Indiana help you select the right Mobile Home Protection so you are prepared when disaster strikes. Don't wait for another natural disaster to hit; fill out the Manufactured Home Insurance quote form above or give us a call at 765-452-8000 and get your free Kokomo mobile home quote.