Killingbeck: Right Protection, Right Price

Watch Your Get the Right Protection!

In purchasing motorcycle insurance in Kokomo Indiana, you have to be very careful to watch what protection you are getting. The reason to be careful is that cycle accidents tend to be more severe and are usually the others guys fault (they don't see you.) You have to take these factors into account when looking at motorcycle insurance.

Watch protection closely as many agents will cut cycle insurance protection you need at accident time to make their motorcycle price look low! A low price won't help when you face thousands in bills that you have to pay yourself.

Protection for Injury Accidents

With uninsured autos making up almost 20% of all drivers and underinsured another 25%, you have to make sure you are protecting yourself against huge injury and disability costs caused by an uninsured or underinsured driver. The $25,000 many agents try to sell you on motorcycle insurance is way too low!

Protecting Yourself Against Lawsuits

We see the same problem of low protection being sold with lawsuit protection. Watch you protect yourself with enough bodily injury and property damage lawsuit motorcycle insurance in Kokomo Indiana. You don't want to pay a lawsuit yourself because your protection was too low.

The Right Price

We work with many (not 1) of the nation's top brand cycle insurance compaines who specialize in cycle insurance to get you the best price with a top rated company.

Let the Killingbeck Family Get You the Right Cycle Protection at the Right Price

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