Auto Insurance in Kokomo Indiana

When it comes to choosing an auto insurance company in Kokomo Indiana, we know customers want the lowest possible price. But you also need the right coverage to keep yourself and your family safe and protected. Why should you have to choose one over the other? At Killingbeck Insurance, we believe in having the best of both worlds. Low rates, great coverage, and local agents who will be there every step of the way with you. That's what sets Killingbeck Insurance apart from its competitors, and that's what makes us your best bet for auto insurance in Kokomo Indiana.

When it comes to your automobile coverage, Killingbeck Insurance is focused on bringing you the same great coverage as other companies - but for less. We are dedicated to providing our customers with superior coverage and service, while you money on your auto insurance. It's a commitment we take very seriously.

At Killingbeck Insurance, we ensure that you have the best protection possible at the lowest premium by examining your auto insurance coverage requirements. Depending on your needs, we feature a variety of policies including:

  • Bodily Injury Liability: Required in the State of Indiana, bodily injury liability covers you in the event that you cause serious physical harm to someone else, This type of auto insurance covers the medical costs of any physical injury incurred by passengers after an accident for which you are responsible, as well as the legal costs you may incurr when you cause an accident.
  • Property Damage Liability: Covers the damage done to anyone else's property in the event that you cause an accident. As part of your Kokomo Indiana auto insurance policy, property damage liability also pays for your legal defense if you are sued as a result of these damages.
  • Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist: Seeing as approximately one out of every three drivers on the road today is inadequately insured, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage is an integral part of your Kokomo Indiana auto insurance policy. It is designed to compensate you for a loss you incur which is caused by a driver who is either uninsured or inadequately insured.
  • Collision: Covers damage to your vehicle when you are in an accident with another vehicle or object. Unlike liability coverage, collision auto insurance is not required by law. However, if you do not have collision insurance in Kokomo Indiana and are involved in an accident, you will have to pay to fix the damages or replace your vehicle without any assistance from your insurance company.
  • Comprehensive: Comprehensive auto insurance protects you from damage caused to your car by a non-accident situation. For example, if your vehicle is stolen, comprehensive auto insurance will pay you the value of your vehicle. It will also protect drivers in the case of encounters with other vehicles, objects, people, and surfaces on the road. Additionally, comprehensive auto insurance provides towing, storage, and salvage if the car has been badly damaged.
  • Other Miscellaneous Coverage: This varies depending on the insurance provider.

As an independent insurance agency, Killingbeck Insurance can provide you with literally hundreds of combinations of coverage from a variety of different insurance companies. We guarantee to find you the best rates to fit your budget and level of needed coverage. Let Killingbeck Insurance save you money on your auto insurance in Kokomo Indiana. Call us for a FREE QUOTE today - (765) 452-8000.