Before a Blizzard

Blizzard Disaster PreparednessAs beautiful as snow can be, it can also be disruptive, destructive, and deadly.  Heavy snow covers roads and power lines, creating a potential for danger.  Power can go out. Cars can slide in dangerous driving conditions.  

Being prepared for the effects or dangers of heavy snowfall and having extra emergency supplies on hand is the best way to make sure your family stays safe both during and after the storm. Create an Emergency Supply Kit and make sure all family members know the location. Gather supplies to stay warm (lots of blankets!) as well as take care of your family's basic needs.

Create a Family Communication Plan so everyone knows what to do and who to contact in case of an emergency. You don't want someone lost in the storm trying to get home.

National Weather Service LIVE WEATHER UPDATES for INDIANA OR click the links located in the map on the left.

Local School Closings:

Useful Links to Help You Prepare and Stay Safe

After the Storm

If your property was damaged and you need to make a claim, visit our Claims Center. Our Claims Center offers advice as well as how to contact us or your insurance companies directly.


If You Have Any Questions, or We Can Be of Help in Any Way, Please Give Us a Call at 452-8000. We Care About Your Safety!