Thunderstorms bring much more than just rain. Lightning, hail and high winds can all hit during a storm, bringing with them damage to personal property, vehicles, homes, and people. These storms are so common to Indiana, you may not even think about preparation. However, being prepared is important, because you never know when the power will be knocked out, or for how long. A thunderstorm may be only the beginning, and could turn into a flash flood, hail storm, high winds, or a tornado.

Before the Storm

Indiana National Weather Service Live Updates

Indiana Travel Advisory

During the Storm


  • Stay inside and cancel outdoor activities.
  • Listen to the weather on a NOAA radio, NOAA streamed online, a battery radio, television, or some other source.
  • Avoid harmful behaviors, such as using electronics plugged into the wall.

After the Storm

Take care of anyone who has been injured during the storm. See our links below for what to do if someone is struck by lightning. Damage from thunderstorms is common, so if you have any damaged property to report, visit our Claims Center. This site is designed to advise you on claims and provide you good contact information. If you cannot reach our office and need to speak with us immediately, please use our emergency number. Our power may have gone out too! If you need to report a claim, you can report it direct to the company. Click here to find your company's phone number.

Helpful Links

If You Have Any Questions, or We Can Be of Help in Any Way, Please Give Us a Call at 452-8000. We Care About Your Safety!