Earthquake Insurance - Do I need it in Kokomo Indiana?

Many residents of Kokomo Indiana may assume that their residential insurance fully protects them, but if you look at a typical policy, you will see that it does not cover earthquake loss. Government disaster-relief programs are designed to get you partly back on your feet in the event of an earthquake, but they are extremely limited and will not replace your home and everything you lose. So in the unfortunate event that an earthquake strikes in Kokomo Indiana tomorrow, will you have the financial resources to pay for damage to your home and its contents?

When considering which insurance policy is right for you, ask yourself how much of your investment in your home you are willing to put at risk. For many Kokomo Indiana homeowners, their home is by far their biggest financial asset. Without earthquake insurance, how do you plan to protect that asset in the event of a catastrophic earthquake? If you have a typical home loan or deed of trust, it is important to understand that you remain responsible for the loan balance if your home is damaged or destroyed by an earthquake.

Believe it or not, no part of Indiana is immune from earthquakes. There is no "low-risk" area in Indiana for earthquakes - there are only areas of lower or higher risk. Generally speaking, your home's risk level depends on where you live in relation to earthquake fault zones, the age and type of dwelling you reside in, and the types of soil where you live. Some parts of Indiana that have not experienced a quake for hundreds of years might actually be more susceptible than areas that have experienced recent quakes. This is because fault lines build up tension over time, and what we experience as an earthquake occurs when the tension is suddenly released. Recent earthquake activity means that faults have released built-up tension, whereas a lack of earthquake activity can mean that tension is still building and could be released at any moment.

Get the Facts About Earthquake Preparedness

Earthquakes can strike anywhere at any time, which is why it is important to make sure that you and your family are prepared in the event of just such a disaster. Keep the following precautionary measures in mind to ensure your family's safety:

  • If an earthquake strikes when you are indoors, stay indoors. Get under a desk or table and brace yourself. Stay away from windows, fireplaces, heavy furniture and appliances.
  • If you are outside, get as far away as possible from buildings, power lines, chimneys, and anything else that has the potential to fall on you.
  • If you are driving, pull out of traffic and to the side of the road slowly. Do not stop under an overpass or bridge, or under trees, light posts, power lines or signs. Stay inside your vehicle until the earthquake passes.
  • If you are in a mountainous area, watch for falling rocks, landslides, trees and other debris that could become loosened by an earthquake.
  • Make sure each of your family members knows what to do in the event of an earthquake no matter where they are. Establish a meeting place where you can reunite with your family after a quake.
  • Find out about earthquake plans developed by your children's school or daycare.
  • Transportation systems may be disrupted, so always keep emergency supplies on hand such as food, bottled water, and extra clothing.
  • Know where your gas, electric and water main shutoffs are and how to turn them off in the event of an earthquake.
  • Locate your nearest fire, police, and emergency medical facilities.
  • Coordinate with your neighbors about how you can help each other after an earthquake strikes.
  • Take Red Cross first aid and CPR training courses.

Kokomo Indiana Earthquake Insurance: Get Covered Today!

Purchasing earthquake insurance from Killingbeck Insurance gives you the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing you can recover in the event of a disaster. Killingbeck Insurance Agency and its network of leading insurance companies will work together with unparalleled service and claim-paying ability to help put your life back on stable ground after a damaging earthquake. To purchase earthquake coverage in Kokomo Indiana, contact us today by filing out our online confidential contact form or by calling (765) 452-8000.