Mobile And Manufactured Home Insurance For Kokomo, Indiana

What happened to your mobile home during the 2013 tornadoes? Hopefully, you came through with no damage. But others here in Kokomo were not as lucky. Some people lost their entire mobile home to the tornado. Can you imagine, losing everything you own? What happens then? You turn to your insurance.

More than just a structure, your mobile home contains virtually all your belongings and everything important to your family. If you're like most people, buying your home was one of the most important choices you made. That is why it is essential that you protect your investment with a Mobile Home Insurance policy from Killingbeck Insurance & Tax Preparation. There is no better way to be protected against the unpredictable storms of Indiana, or other unforeseen circumstances, than with a mobile home policy.

If you do not have insurance, you are responsible for protecting your property, possessions, and liability. With a total loss, that could mean massive amounts of money needed to cover hotel costs and extra expenses, as well as the cost to buy or build another mobile home. If someone is hurt on your property, it could mean paying out enormous amounts for health care and legal fees. Protect yourself and your family with insurance.

What Does A Mobile Home Policy Cover?

Manufactured Home Insurance includes modular, single-wide, and multisectional manufactured and mobile homes. We cover new and older manufactured / mobile homes of all values: high, medium, and low. Your home can be in a park, or on private property. We even have coverage for customized mobile homes. Make sure to let us know if you've added a lot of customization to your home.

A Mobile Home Insurance policy is a package policy, covering possible damage to your property as well as your legal responsibility for damage caused to others. This includes any injuries caused to another person or any property damage caused by your or your family members. This package policy also includes loss of use of your home. In the circumstance your mobile home would become too damaged to live in, your insurance policy would pay for another place for you to live, as well as the increase in your expenses, such as the increased cost of food.

With Manufactured Home Insurance, you have options about how your home is covered. You can be covered to replacement cost, to replace your mobile home with a new one of like quality. This means if your home is destroyed in a total loss, it will be replaced with another, like quality mobile home. Partial replacement cost, an optional coverage, would give you replacement cost on a partial lost, such as a kitchen fire. Or you can have your mobile home insured actual cash value, depreciating the amount you get based on the age of the mobile home.

Depending on your coverage choices, your manufactured home policy will cover the cost to repair, fix, or build your mobile home in case of some catastrophe or peril. Fire, damage due to a fallen tree, and wind damage are all covered. Wind damage includes all destruction from a tornado.

Other structures on your property are also covered, such as a barn or fence. Your Mobile Home Insurance Policy will also cover most of the personal items in your mobile home. Anything of great value should be added special on the policy, so be sure to mention any expensive guns or jewelry you own. Our policies offer different coverage for belongings as well. You can have your personal property insured to replacement cost, so a destroyed item would be replaced with a new, like item. Or actual cash value, which depreciates the age and condition of item before paying. Possible other coverage to replacement cost may be available to cover awnings, carpeting, built-in appliances, and/or outdoor antennas. Be sure to check with your agent at Killingbeck Insurance & Tax Preparation about what is covered and what is not.

Be sure to watch your policy; in Kokomo, most mobile home policies do not cover losses due to flooding or earthquakes. These types of catastrophic storms can be covered by additional insurance policies. Check our Earthquake Insurance or Flood Insurance pages for more valuable information on these extra coverages.

Killingbeck Insurance & Tax Preparation: Your Insurance Experts

Here at Killingbeck Insurance & Tax Preparation, we know what's important to you. That's why we provide Manufactured Home Insurance policies customizable to your specific needs. We have multiple companies to choose from, and will find a good company for you with an affordable price. We will help you choose coverage's to create the right policy for you. In the case of a tragic event, we are here to help with the claim process. We don't just give you a toll free number and leave you on your own as most companies do. We'll answer your questions or help you with the current coverage year-round over the phone or in person. We are here in Kokomo, Indiana, working for you.

Fill out the confidential online contact form at the top of the page or call us at (765) 452-8000 to learn more about how we can help protect your mobile home, belongings, and most importantly, your family.