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You Need to File an Income Tax Return:

    A.  When You Have enough income taxes withheld from W-2s 
          or 1099s 
to be worth getting a refund back on.             

    B.  When You Have Refundable Income Tax credits:  (Refundable 
          means you get back even if you didn't have withholding.)

  • Earned Income credit
  • Additional Child Tax credit
  • American Opportunity Education credit
  • Health Coverage Tax Credit
  • Premium Tax Credit (ObamaCare)
  • Credit for Federal tax on fuels

    C.  When You Have Special Taxes to pay. 

  • Uncollected SS or Medicare tax on W-2 (M, N codes)           
  • Recapture on First Time Homebuyer credit
  • Early withdrawal penalty from pension or IRA
  • Net self-employment exceeds +$433  
  • Social Security on Allocated tips or Social Security on tips
  • You are subject to alternate minimum tax.
  • You have household employees.
  • If you received subsidy from ObamaCare.

    D.  When You are Required to file Income Tax for dependents
          (unearned income greater than $1050) and deceased

    E.  When Your Gross Income exceeds the following amounts.   
Gross income includes wages, dividends, interest, gross rental 
          income,  gross capital gains, & other taxable income.  Gross 
          Income doesn't  include nontaxable social security and other 
          nontaxable income.

     F.  On the State of Indiana When
 your income exceeds $1000 
          (or $2000 for 65 or older) for each person claimed on your return.

     For 2017 Federal Tax Returns

If Filing Status is 

& at year end
you are 

Must file if Gross Income
Greater Than
Single & you are
a Dependent
Under 65 with
unearned income
greater of $1050 or $350
+ earned income
 under 65  $   6,350
Single  under 65  $ 10,400
 65 & older  $ 11,950
Married Filing
 If spouse itemizes  $   4,050
 under 65  $ 10,400
 65 & older  $ 11,900
Head of
 under 65  $ 13,400
 65 & older  $ 14,950

Widow (er)

 under 65  $ 16,750
 65 & older  $ 18,000
 Married  under 65  $ 20,800 
 one 65 and older  $ 22,050
 both over 65  $ 23,300


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