One of the biggest causes of having to owe is changes in your life.   We have seen customers go from having a $2000 refund one year, to next year owing $3000.  We want to help you avoid such a disaster.

So when you come in to have your taxes done, we very much encourage you to let us help you look at next year to avoid the dreaded "You Owe" problem. 

We encourage you to not only bring your “Can I Claim Questions” but also to ask "What To Do About Changes" that could make you owe next year. 

Here are some common life changes that can lead to you owing!

  • Will I be able to Claim a Dependent next year?  How will it affect my refund?
  • How will receiving "this" extra income affect my refund?
  • How will Getting Married affect my refund?
  • Getting Divorced?
  • Selling a Rental?
  • Cashing in investments?
  • Retiring?
  • A Spouse Going to Work?
  • A New Job?
  • Losing a Dependent?
  • A New Business?
  • Cash Bonds?
  • Receiving Pension—IRA?
  • Losing Earned Income Credit?
  • or ....?

So bring along your questions and let us help you avoid the dreaded OWING!

Please remember anytime you have questions or need advice, we are here to help!   

Give us a call if you have questions or we can be of help, 765-452-8000.  Killingbeck Insurance & Tax Preparation, Kokomo, Indiana.