Here's How Our Income Tax Preparation Makes Sure You're Getting the Largest Possible Refund (Or Owe Less)!

The income tax preparation service offered by Killingbeck Insurance & Tax Preparation provides two painless ways to get your income tax return prepared right at about 1/2 the cost of our competition, right here in Kokomo, Indiana. Each year, after over 250 hours getting ourselves updated on the new tax laws and refreshed on the complexities of the old tax law, we are ready to get you the best income tax preparation possible in Kokomo, Indiana.

  1. Our recommended method of income tax preparation for getting you the largest possible refund (or owe less) is for you to look over our What to Bring List and finish up at our tax office with our income tax interview. Adding these two methods together covers some 101 deductions that save, to get you a larger refund (or owe less).
  2. Or if you are away or busy, our second method of income tax preparation is return by mail or by drop-off. Again, look over the What to Bring List and mail us at Killingbeck Insurance & Tax Preparation, PO Box 2946, Kokomo, IN 46904 (or drop you income tax return papers off at our office at 1501 E Markland, Kokomo, IN). Be sure to include your daytime phone number and what hours during the day we can call you.


But they do send nasty letters and add penalties!

WARN YOUR FRIENDS how they may be getting much smaller refunds than they deserve on their income tax preparation. It's a one way street with the IRS. You miss a deduction, they don't send you a letter. If you forget something or make an error in your favor, nasty letters and penalties!

It happens so easily. We saw one person (now a client) answer a question wrong on the education credit and cost themselves $2300. Another person (now a client) lost $4200 over 3 years because he misfigured the tax on social security. Yet others have missed property taxes paid, rent paid, or a whole list of missed deductions. The IRS says it takes a minimum of 15 hours of study and research to get your income tax preparation prepared correctly.

So please warn your friends that income tax preparation is much more complicated than it sometimes seems and that answering a single question wrong can mean a much smaller tax refund than they deserve. Also, let them know we charge about 1/2 as much as our competition.

Many Tax Preparers Aren't Properly Trained For Income Tax Preparation!

Unfortunately many tax preparers think the training they received to become a brand new tax preparer or training they received 10 years ago is all they need for proper income tax preparation. They don't work at keeping up with all the complexities of the tax laws. Inexperience tax preparers can cost you big! Watch out. We know this is so important and spend over 250 hours researching and getting ready for the income tax preparation season.

Let Killingbeck Insurance & Tax Preparation Help You Get The Largest Possible Legal Refund!

Avoid IRS nasty letters, at about 1/2 the cost of our competition. Stop by today to have us do your income tax preparation for you. Come by on a walk-in basis or call us for an appointment. 765-452-8000.