Why Does The Cost Of Having Your Income Taxes Prepared Vary So?

With all income tax preparation firms, the cost of preparing your income tax return is based on what forms you need to file. Yet the big difference in pricing is how much they charge for each of the extra forms you need. At Killingbeck Insurance & Tax Preparation in Kokomo, Indiana we get you Larger Refunds at Lower Costs!

Our competition talks of low prices on the phone but when you go in they have large extra charges, that add up quickly, for every little thing they do. For example, with our competition a return with several extra forms may end up costing you $527 or more even though they told you it was $35 on the phone. We saw many returns last year where we charged 1/4 the amount that our competition charged.

How Much Does It Cost At Killingbeck Insurance & Tax Preparation?

Generally, we charge about 1/2 the cost of our competition. Unfortunately, there are many tax preparers who don't keep up with all the complex income tax laws here in Kokomo and will cost you big money in the form of a much lower refund. We spent over 250 hours in research and training this year alone!

To give you an idea, our Federal EZ, 1 W-2, Obamacare worksheet and E-file starts at $32 when tied with a state return. Our State Return, including all 8 pages you need, is $40. If you are comparing prices watch as our competition quotes you only for 2 pages and charges quite a bit extra for these 6 or 7 extra pages you must have. Our 1040 is only $17 extra. Additional forms to these do cost extra.

Now it is in the extra costs that you find the biggest differences with our competition who are often charging 4 to 5 times as much. In comparison we charge $17 extra for the 1040 income tax preparation while our competition charges over $40 extra!

Our extra charges are smaller in comparison to our competition. For example, the Child Tax Credit and additional Child Tax Credit is $6 extra, additional W-2s or 1099s are $4 each, Education $15, Child Care Forms are $12 and the 4 pages required for Earned Income Credit cost $18. Again, these extra costs are considerably less than our competition. Please stop by our office for more details on pricing.

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