Here are your IRS Alerts & "What to Bring Checklists" for Larger Refunds (or owe less).

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To help you get the maximum in tax deductions and avoid forgetting something important, on the back side are  What to Bring Checklist & Itemized Deductions Savings lists.
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What You Need to Bring for ObamaCare Insurance Mandate Depends on Your Situation.

Tax law this year requires taxpayers to verify insurance on themselves and all their dependents they can claim  on their tax return or pay a penalty (with certain exceptions).   To read more about the changes, visit our ObamaCare Individual Responsibility page.

Here’s what  to bring according  to your situation:

  • If you or dependents were at anytime covered by ObamaCare,  you need form 1095A you receive from the Marketplace.  (They have until Jan. 31st to send.)  Also, if dependents had over $6200 in income & Social Security you need to bring their tax papers.
  • If you and dependents were covered the entire year by Medicare, Medicaid or HIP no forms are needed.
  • If you and dependents were covered the entire year by employer’s plan or other health insurance, bring, if you receive, form 1095 on your health insurance.
  • If you or dependent(s) were covered only part of the year (or not at all) by health insurance bring form 1095 if you receive and bring form 1094 Health Insurance Offer if you could have been covered by employer (to see if we can reduce penalty).  Also bring dependents returns if their income & Social Security is over $6250.

IRS Alerts

Return Theft

Tax return ID theft occurs when someone uses your Soc. Sec. # and name to file a tax  return.  Be alert if you get unusual letters in the mail from the IRS

IRS Phone Calls

If you receive a phone call or email claiming  to be the IRS, it is most likely a scam.   Your best bet is to hang up on scammers.  


Extra Pension Distributions

Watch If you may take extra from a pension.  Often people don’t have enough withheld & owe on their taxes.  We can help you get it right.   

It Takes 14 Hours

The IRS estimates it takes 14 hours of study to get the maximum in tax savings and do the return the right way. 


2 Painless Ways to Get it Done

 1)  Our Fastest, recommended way for getting you the largest possible refund (or owe less) is for you to look over the What to Bring & Itemized Deductions lists.  Then we’ll finish while you’re here at our office.

2)  Or if you are away or busy, we can also do your return by mail or drop-off.  We have a special Drop-Off form with the deductions list.Look over the Lists and send us (or drop-off at our office) your paperwork at
PO Box 2946, Kokomo, IN  46904.                 

Please list your daytime phone #______________    & what hours during the day we can call ________.  

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The reason for the smaller refunds is these clients went to tax preparers who didn’t keep up on the complicated tax laws or they tried to do it  themselves.
Most thought their tax return was right because the IRS didn’t tell them there was an error.  (IRS won’t tell of missed deductions.)   
With 101+ deductions, it is easy to miss just one & lower their refund.  Answering one question wrong in tax software, they cost themselves big money!  
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