Click here for a printable Itemized Deductions Savings list


Itemizing saves when the total of below items exceeds:

Single Filers  $12,000
Head of Household $18,000  

Married Filing Joint  $24,000

Home interest, Taxes including all the State & County income taxes, Contributions, a Casualty loss, Work related costs
(including using your vehicle for work), Gambling, or Medical expenses.

Home Interest Paid - List or bring bank statements

1st Home Mortgage                                                         ________

   If paid to an individual & didn’t list last year bring   ________

    their Name,    Address,    Social Security Number 

Refinanced or 2nd Mortgage, Home Equity Loan     ________

2nd Home or a RV or Boat Used as a 2nd Home     ________

Closing Points Paid on a Home Loan                         ________


Taxes Paid - List or bring  tax bills & registrations

Home Real Estate Tax                                                    ________

Other Real Estate Tax and Ditch Assessments         ________

Vehicles: Excise Tax Due   Wheel/Sur    Excise Tax Due   Wheel/Sur  

     Veh. 1    _____        _____    Veh. 3.  _____        _____     

     Veh. 2    _____        _____    Veh. 4.  _____        _____    

Boat, Trailer, RV, Personal Property Tax                     ________

Amount You Owed the State Last Year                       ________

State, County & Estimated Income Tax Paid*           *We’ll compute

  *Or sales tax paid if you bought vehicles, RVs, or built a home

   List item _______   $____,   ________  $____,  ________  $____


Contributions - IRS requires you to have receipts!

Church or Religious Organization                              ________

United Way, Including Payroll Deduction                   ________

We Care, Heart/Cancer, Boy/Girl Scouts                   ________

Exchange Student Stayed in Your Home                __ X $50 a mo.

Other Charity __________________________       ________

Miles Driven for Charity**/Out of Pocket expenses    ________

List Items Donated in good condition (Used Value) ________

** Contributions: Another area the IRS is targeting is receipts for contributions.
Make sure you keep receipts and on donations of property you detail what you gave.

Gambling-Lottery losses up to winnings ______


Medical bills  must exceed 7.5% of income

Prescriptions, Insulin, Prescribed foods                      ________

Medical  Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance         ________              

Medicare Premiums, Medicare Supplements             ________

Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractor, Hospital, Eye Doctors              ________

Nurse, Nursing Home or Long Term Care Costs        ________

Therapy,  Handicapped Schooling, Wheelchair            ________

Hearing Aids, Eyeglasses, Equipment, Guide dog     ________

Auto Mileage**, Travel Expenses, Other Costs            ________

** Work Travel: IRS says they will be auditing mileage driven for business & travel expenses.
Be sure you have logs, receipts, and check the IRS doesn't consider your mileage to be commuting.