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For dependents you haven't claimed before, bring date of birth & Social Security card.

Bring Your Spouse's Driver's License #, issue date, and expiration date for IRS identity verification.

*The IRS is working to prevent identity theft of tax returns. This info. can prevent a possible lengthy delay of your refund.

 W-2s from all Jobs, Sickpay and Subpay.

 1099s on: Pensions, IRAs, Social Security, HSA, Unemployment, Savings Interest & Bonds Cashed.

 1099s for Dividends on Stock and Stock Sales, Cancelled Debt, Foreclosures and Condemnations.

 1095A if you had insurance through Obamacare.
Bring dependents returns if their income & SS> $6300.

      * ObamaCare requires taxpayers to carry medical insurance on themselves and their dependents or a penalty applies (unless you qualify for an exemption).

 1095 B or C if you receive on your health insurance.

If you or dependents weren't covered the entire year, bring form 1094 Health Insurance Offer from employer & bring dependents returns if their income & SS> $6300.

List of Income & Expense for:
  • Jury duty
  • Odd Jobs
  • Rental
  • Farm
  • Business
  • Lottery
  • Gambling
  • Unreported Tips
  • Health Saving Acct.
  • Other Income

 If you Own a home, property taxes paid. $_______

If you Rent: rent paid, landlord's name & address.


Must bring 1098-T if you or a dependent paid College & Trade School

  • Tuition Paid $______
  • Loan Interest $______
  • Books $_______
  • Supplies-Equipment $______

*Education Costs: Be sure you keep proof you paid education expenses as the IRS has sent some letters asking for proof.


 If you paid Child or Dependent Care to work: Who you paid, address, SS# (or ID) & $ amounts.


 K-12 Private School or Home School Costs up to $1000 for tuition, books and supplies. $______


 If you pay Estimated Tax: State $____ Federal $____

Contributed to Indiana 529 College Choice $_____

Contributed to a Traditional IRA Retirement $_____


 Check if These Deductions Might Apply to You:

  • Purchased an electric car
  • Civil Service Deduction
  • Had Dividends or Capital gains
  • In Military or Military Retired
  • If You're Legally Blind
  • Self Employed Health Inssurance
  • Contributed to Health Savings Acccount
  • Single, have a child and provide a Household
  • Guard-Reserve Travel or Called Up for Active Duty
  • If You're a Teacher & Bought Classroom Supplies
  • Paid Alimony, Mortgage, Taxes, etc. Due to Divorce
  • Have Uncollected Bad Debt or Contractor Fraud
  • Worthless Stock
  • Adoption Costs
  • Repaid Income
  • Moved +50 miles
  • Disability Pension
  • Home sale
  • Indiana College Contribution
  • Repaid Disaiblity
  • US Bonds Deduction
  • Unemployment
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Medicaid Nursing Home

Other Deductions We'll Compute For You:

Child Tax Credit, Additional Child Tax Credit, Early Withdrawal Penalties, Earned Income Credit, Injured Spouse, Excess FICA, Municipal Bond, Elderly Unified Tax Credit, Home Office, Depreciation, Expensing, Low Income Retirement Savings Credit, Clergy Deductions, Foreign Tax Paid, etc...


Bring Your "Can I Claim Questions" & Ask What to do About Changes that could make you owe next year:

  • Can I Claim a Dependent?
  • What Income is Taxable?
  • Getting Married or Divorced
  • Selling a Rental
  • Retiring
  • Spouse Going to Work
  • a New Job
  • Losing a Dependent
  • a New Business
  • Cash Bonds
  • Receiving Pension or IRA
  • Losing Earned Income Credit